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On this website, you can see our villa in Morocco. This self-catering villa is in Les Jardins de la Lagune, a gated complex in the coastal resort town of Oualidia, Morocco. The villa is for rent. It sleeps 8 and has panoramic views over the lagoon and the Atlantic Ocean. The villa complex has three swimming pools and a restaurant. Excellent beaches offering safe swimming and surfing are just across the street from our villa. There is a photo album of our villa which shows its 3 bedrooms and terrace with panoramic view over the lagoon and ocean on the Oualidia Villa page.

You can also learn about what fig one solutions has to offer, including consultancy, training, and evaluation on diversity, innovation, change management, privacy and surveillance, governance, and strategic planning, as well as research, analysis and assessment of risk, policy and data.

I am now offering excellent self-development courses on the Power of Self Esteem, The Power of Purpose and The Power of Connection.

These courses are only for you if you are interested in:

  • being yourself in all areas of your life

  • resolving conflicts in your own mind

  • resolving conflicts with others

  • revitalising your relationships

  • succeeding in finding and achieving your purpose